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Working With A Professional Birth Photographer

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As a doula I've attended almost 30 births, in southern Illinois and greater St. Louis. Only a handful of births have had professional photographers in attendance. Typically I'm not one to enjoy a full birthing space, I get claustrophobic, and I distain everyone trying to give different advice to a mother at the same time. The room often fills with nurses, techs, OB's or residents, and all of the sudden, the birth of a mother is lost. and the room I focused on a monitor, and screaming "PUSH" like its a Hollywood set.

That situation, and how to avoid it, can be a whole other blog post.

From my doula prospective, having the right photographer can change your whole birth. and not just choosing anybody. A professional birth photographer, knows how to integrate into your birth space, and be the person you need them to be. I've worked with Kinzie at Wandering Love Collective 3 times now. Each time she has been the cheerleader that women need.

While attending a birth at Missouri Baptist in St. Louis, our client planned to have one of the large rooms with a labor tub, sadly, she got a small room with limited pain coping tools. It was in this room that Kinzie taught me one of my favorite resting positions with a peanut ball. Kinzie's suggestion allowed the laboring woman to rest in the arms of her partner, and not slow her labor progression. I've suggested the position several times now, and it always promotes quick cervical change.

Just like when you choose your doula, your should interview photographers. Your birth space is sacred, and its your right to carefully craft a team of people you want present. Maybe you don't want anybody there. But if you do, search for photographers who are experienced. Some photographers may charge a smaller fee if they are just getting started, but price should not be the determining factor.

I often find that with doulas, birth photographers, and other birth professionals, cheaper isn't always better. Conduct interviews, and read contracts. Ask questions, and look at portfolios, maybe you don't want photos to be shared on blogs, or social media, maybe you want a photographer who is not going to speak much in you labor space. Read the contracts, if you want photos of you in early labor, make sure that's included.

Whoever you choose, and how you decide, is all up to you. For more information about the amazing Kinzie please visit her website at:

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We love you and are so thankful for your wonderful talent! You’re an amazing person and I’m so grateful you’re a part of Eloise’s birth story!!


@nikki__s_i_x ahhh your birth was so special 💜💜 you were so strong and your hubs still is the most impressive dad I have ever seen!! The Dude-la 😂😂 or Dad-la he was rad! 💕


@wanderinglovecollective he is still very proud of himself 🤣


@wanderinglovecollective he is still very proud of himself 🤣

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