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Tina was my doula back in October during the homebirth of my first baby. 💓 She was absolutely incredible - between her knowledge of positioning, pain management, and emotional support, I truly believe she made my experience as amazing as it was. I’m still in awe when I look back and think about it. She was right there by me through it all; keeping me hydrated, feeding me healthy snacks, answering any questions I had, cheering me on... My fiancé & I will always have a huge place in our hearts for this woman. Whether you’re having a hospital, birthing center, or home birth, hiring Tina as your doula will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Micheala Baldwin

*****Ladies, show this to your Spouses if they do not understand the value of hiring Tina*****
I’ll be the first to admit that I had never heard of a doula when my wife brought the idea of hiring one up to me. My first thoughts were, our first child came out ok, why do we need to do anything different this time? This photo is why (see comments)…
My wife had a C section with our first daughter and wanted to pursue a natural delivery with our second as her number 1 birth plan. Tina not only assured her that this was possible (despite other opinions), but coached her throughout the pregnancy on stretches and positions that can help make this happen. Concerned about being pushed around during appointments and delivery? Tina was able to handle those situations without us really even knowing, which allowed my wife to focus on her delivery and not with a pushy nurse or doctor. She was always prompt and responsive when my wife had questions, and made me feel a part of the process. Of course a birth plan is only as good as the labor process, which ultimately isn’t always in our hands. However, from the moment my wife started her labor, Tina immediately came over and was a calm/soothing presence in what was a very stressful situation. I like to think that I’m composed, after all, being in the military you have to be. However, I was completely out of my depth in this department. Instead of taking over though, Tina helped coach me through this process making my wife’s labor such an incredible and connecting experience. She stepped in when necessary or when I needed a break, but was always calm and cool, which kept my wife calm and cool.
Ultimately, my wife achieved her #1 birth plan, and I absolutely think Tina had a major reason why. Ladies, from the perspective of a husband who likes to be thrifty, Tina was worth EVERY PENNY!


We recently had the pleasure of having Tina as our doula for the birth of our son. She is knowledgeable and was absolutely phenomenal from our first meeting. She met with my husband and me several times before I delivered to ensure we were all comfortable with each other and that she knew our birth plan. Her visits never felt rushed and she always made sure I had everything I needed to prepare for an unmedicated birth. When I went a week+ past my due date and my doctor suggested induction (much to my reluctantancy), she immediately came over to talk through my options and continued to work with me to make sure baby was in an optimal position for delivery. I did end up being induced and when my labor progressed more quickly than expected, a 3:00am text message to Tina had her at our hospital in STL within an hour. My husband and I wanted to have a more intimate labor/delivery with no other family present and Tina was the perfect fit for us. Not only did she provide amazing support for me, but she also helped to support my husband and helped him help me. She was the perfect balance of being super involved while also allowing my husband to be my primary support person when I needed him. She helped to make sure I stayed focused and calm during delivery, and even helped me find a position that was most productive for pushing. I am a first time mom, and because of the support we received from Tina, I was able to deliver our 8lb 9oz baby in a hospital setting completely natural/unmedicated. She made sure my voice was always heard and I truly can't thank her enough. Having Tina as our doula was worth every penny and more.


Tina is worth her weight in gold. The peace of mind alone having an expert on hand was worth it. She was indispensable during my labor! The labor nurses and OB left me to my own devices to labor and had Tina not been there to help me through it I would have ended up having a C-section (something I definitely did not want!). After a long day of Tina helping me contort to find what position worked best, I gave birth to my perfect little girl. ❤️ Thank you, Tina, so much for helping through my journey of pregnancy into motherhood.


Tina was my doula before and after birth. I had a c section and she was absolutely wonderful. My daughter was breech and she helped me with many ways to try to get her to flip. Unfortunately baby was just stubborn! She gave me great information on c sections and helped me build a birth plan to still try and get the birthing experience I wanted. Everything worked flawlessly. Tina stayed by my side before I went in and after my c section. She helped me a lot with breastfeeding and even after I gave birth she was a huge help for recovery and getting through those first few weeks of breastfeeding. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her by my side again!


My contractions started around 2am; I text Tina at 3 and told her that I was contacting and going to lay back down,   I received a quick text back to say OK text me in the morning.  She came over at 9 AM and start working on spinning baby exercises, walking, sitting on her birthing chair, massaging me and  did other exercises to prepare me for labor.  I had an appt scheduled at my OB  that morning, Tina and I went together to that. When my doctor checked me I was at 2cm, contracting every 15-20 minutes. We decided we would come home and let let my labor naturally progress in the comfort of my home.  We headed to the hospital around 6 PM and was 4 cm. My contractions were sporadic but getting much stronger. Tina continued to offer different labor positions to work through my contractions. I found out 2 weeks before my due date that my OB was not supportive of my birth plan (even though she was fully aware I planned a natural birth) from the beginning. Tina kept reminding me of my rights and that although my doctor suggested breaking my water around 7pm, that we did not have to do that and it was safe to continue laboring naturally. That was one of the biggest at benefits Tina provided; reminding us of our options and the choices we made on our birth plan when I was being pressured to deviate from what I had planned. At 11 pm I felt as though I was reaching for my breaking point- I was 8 cm and exhausted. Tina reminded me that we were almost there and that I could do this. By 1 am, I was ready to push.I delivered my daughter at 1:53 am. 
Tina is very knowledgeable and suppportive and was a huge asset to my natural birth. But I thank Tina the most in the fact that because she kept us on track with our birth plan, my husband and I have a stronger bond than ever from experiencing the birth of our daughter together. I will forever be grateful to her, for that.


Tina is absolutely wonderful! She helped us so much throughout the pregnancy to keep me physically comfortable, more mentally prepared for all things pregnancy/delivery/after, and able to feel in control of my delivery. I don’t think I would’ve been able to naturally deliver my beautiful 9.2 lb baby girl without Tina’s guidance and care. I would recommend her to all moms!


Tina was amazing! I had a very rough birth with my first child and was determined to have a different and better experience with my second so I started researching doulas and found Tina. I knew from the very first phone interview that Tina would be a good fit for us. She is so knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what she does! She listened to all my fears and worries during my pregnancy and was always always supportive. I know the techniques she taught and the advice she gave in the months before delivery, along with the support she provided my husband and I during labor and delivery were what allowed me to have the natural, unmedicated and positive birth experience that I wanted. She stayed with me after the birth to make sure we were all ok and settled and has continued to provide postpartum support since we've been home. I would highly recommend Tina!



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