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Tina Bilodeau CD(DONA)

DONA Certified, Massage Therapist, Spinning Babies Trained, V-steam Enthusiast, Placenta Encapsulator, and more.....

I’m often asked how my life lead to becoming a doula. When I was 22 I enrolled in school for a massage therapy degree, that is when I first heard of a doula. We were learning prenatal massage and discussing the benefits of massage in labor and how doulas often provide that service. I was super curious and did some research. My mother was also very sick at the time so I never pursued more information, because life happened. I went on to operate as a self employed massage therapist, specializing in deep tissue and prenatal massage. It wasn’t long before I got a call from a client in labor to come massage her. I happily packed up my chair and watched as this amazingly strong woman listened to her body and swayed with contractions, it was beautiful and amazing. She showed such strength and determination. I did everything I knew to keep her comfortable and calm.
Fast forward a few years and I was now pregnant myself, living in Italy, and with limited birth options. As soon as I got a positive test I started reading and never stopped. I learned everything I could about the birth I wanted. I prepared and I had the birth I wanted! Well not exactly the way I wanted, but still. When my daughter was almost 1 DONA announced they would be hosting a doula training where I lived! I knew immediately that I needed to sign up. I had a few tastes of birth and I knew it was my calling. The rest my friends is history, I jumped right in after my training and I’ve never looked back. Now I’m living outside St. Louis, I focus on being a birth doula, practicing prenatal massage, preaching the benefits of spinning babies, supporting military families, and talking about birth with anyone that will listen.


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